Sunday, September 9, 2007

Whew! We just made it, getting all the food canned at the Bishop's Storehouse Friday night. Thank goodness the girls were with me, and another couple from the ward were just finishing up as I got there so they stayed to help me. Otherwise I'd have to make another trip over in the next week or two to get it all done. They did everything except run the canner. They learned how to tape up the boxes, fill the cans, and even loaded all the boxes (15 of them) in the van while I was paying. Tierra especially liked filling the cans. I wasn't sure I wanted her help when we were doing the Moo Milk, but she did great. Alisaha's job was writing the product on the cans - she was quite creative in her doodling!

The man in charge there said they received a letter saying they weren't to allow outside food brought in to can after Sept 1, but he knew about the big Walton order people from central Florida were getting and held off on that directive until the end of the month. Some things, like wheat, it doesn't make money sense to put in gallon cans. Other things, like the Moo Milk and Oatmeal, that it takes us a while to use up makes a lot of sense, especially here in bug country. Now to figure out where to put all these cans. All the kids beds either have drawers or bins underneath so can't put the stuff under there. I'd like to build some more shelving in the laundry room. Hmmm, maybe it's time for dad to come for a visit?!


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The Stamp Lady said...

It is fun to read about your family adventures. I can just hear you talking as I read. ALMOST as good as being there :-) Not quite!!

Love you!