Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ready, set, mission!

Finally, after numerous visits and even more numerous dollars, Ryan's dental work is complete! He's had several fillings, and went today for his second visit to have his crown cemented in. Thankfully it fit perfectly, and he ended up not needing that last filling. Whew! I have to say a big thanks to the boys aunt Michelle who willingly offered to help shell out a couple thousand dollars to help cover the cost.

Now Ryan just needs to see the Stake President and his papers can get sent in. The Stake President isn't known for always being on top of things (I'm not complaining about Tierra not getting baptized for 2 1/2 years here though!), so I'm crossing my fingers that everything will at least be sent in by Ryan's birthday in October.

Everything is done online now, and Ryan finished his part of the online application as soon as he got back from the dentist. He needed to send in a headshot, so I snapped one with my camera. Good thing it was just a head shot because he was wearing his workout shorts, white shirt and tie, and Jason's suit jacket!

Okay, we decided that once his papers got sent in we're all guessing where he'll be going. So while the Texas Thomsons are with the Colorado Thomsons I want each of you to guess where he'll be going and email the list to me. Laurence's, please do the same. We'll be doing it here, and with Raquel's family, since Ryan is now good friends with them all. The person who comes the closest will receive a yet-to-be-decided goody from me!!!

Bloggingly yours,


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's me, but it's not just me!

The photo I've added is me with all the kids at Matthew and Raquel's wedding March 10 at the Orlando temple. From left is Evan and his wife Blaire. Tierra is standing in front of me (no, those aren't gray roots peeking through the top of my head, it's just, um, the way the sun is shining on me? Then there's the happy couple, Matt and Raquel, Ryan, Jason and Alisha. It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful weather and best of all, the reception was at a Country Club so there was no setting up or cleaning up!

First post

What are you supposed to do when you fall off a horse? Get back on of course! What does falling off a horse have to do with starting my own blog? Everything. For me, both are about getting out of my comfort zone, doing something that's challenging.

Not being a techno geek I thought the best way to "get on the techno horse" would be to dive right in, start my own blog, learn how to upload my pictures, learn how to get subscribers, and make myself ride that "writing horse" on a consistent basis.

I'm sure the journey will be exciting as I see where the wild ride takes us!

Bloggingly yours,