Saturday, December 29, 2007

Unfortunately, Bailey threw up a little on the way over to the park. Thank goodness we put a blanket under her! She's only been in the van twice, and both times she threw up. She takes after her "mommy," having motion sickness. But once we got there she had fun, and decided to pose with her big sister Tierra!

The boys had fun playing football, and there were 3 others besides Ryan, Matt and Jason that played.

Bailey at the Park

The girls talked me into taking Bailey (our dog) to the picnic at Fox Lake Park today. This is Pepe', Raquel's brother and his baby with Alisha and Bailey, and a snippet of Tierra. Bailey had fun!

Picnic at the Park

We had a picnic for Ryan at Fox Lake Park today, with all of Raquel's family coming over. Her dad arrived back from Peru just yesterday, so it was nice for him to be there. Matt and Raquel were in charge of grilling the meat.

We found out Christmas Eve that Matt and Raquel are going to have a baby! She'll be going to the doctor this coming week to get the official due date. I'm not exactly sure that I'm excited to be old enough to be a grandma, but am very excited to have a grandbaby. (Oh, and by the way, I'm guessing it's a boy.)