Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mission Accomplished - or at least started!

As of Jan 16, 2008 Ryan is a missionary! Actually, he was set apart the night before, but he entered the MTC on the 16th. And actually, it wasn't even the MTC he entered. Because of a seminar going on at the MTC we saw him off at a chapel west of the BYU football stadium. After the orientation they bussed the missionaries up to the MTC. That was a little strange. So we went by the MTC the night before and took a few photos. It was cold! Thank goodness Evan brought Ryan a sweater so he'll be a little warmer. We're looking forward to his first email and letter home. He's not much for letting me know what's going on in his life so I'm hoping he'll be a good letter writer on his mission. He should be shipping off to Brazil in a couple weeks as soon as his visa comes.

It was good to see Evan and Blaire and mom and dad and get to spend a little time with them. We were planning on going through a live session at the Salt Lake temple, but it was closed. Ryan will get to go through the Provo temple each week. I think they also go through the Sao Paulo temple every week they've in the CTM there.