Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mission Accomplished - or at least started!

As of Jan 16, 2008 Ryan is a missionary! Actually, he was set apart the night before, but he entered the MTC on the 16th. And actually, it wasn't even the MTC he entered. Because of a seminar going on at the MTC we saw him off at a chapel west of the BYU football stadium. After the orientation they bussed the missionaries up to the MTC. That was a little strange. So we went by the MTC the night before and took a few photos. It was cold! Thank goodness Evan brought Ryan a sweater so he'll be a little warmer. We're looking forward to his first email and letter home. He's not much for letting me know what's going on in his life so I'm hoping he'll be a good letter writer on his mission. He should be shipping off to Brazil in a couple weeks as soon as his visa comes.

It was good to see Evan and Blaire and mom and dad and get to spend a little time with them. We were planning on going through a live session at the Salt Lake temple, but it was closed. Ryan will get to go through the Provo temple each week. I think they also go through the Sao Paulo temple every week they've in the CTM there.

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Kristin said...

Congratulations, Debra. We know our entire family will all be blessed as you send out another missionary. It is exciting to see "my posterity fanning out throughout the whole world" to spread the good news of the Gospel. The picture of Ryan is just super. And to think he was standing there - without much to keep him warm - with a wind chill factor of about 32 degrees below zero. Thank you for your faithfulness - and endurance!