Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's me, but it's not just me!

The photo I've added is me with all the kids at Matthew and Raquel's wedding March 10 at the Orlando temple. From left is Evan and his wife Blaire. Tierra is standing in front of me (no, those aren't gray roots peeking through the top of my head, it's just, um, the way the sun is shining on me? Then there's the happy couple, Matt and Raquel, Ryan, Jason and Alisha. It was a beautiful wedding, beautiful weather and best of all, the reception was at a Country Club so there was no setting up or cleaning up!


Tam said...

Hi, Sis. Great idea to have a blog. I look forward to reading it! Let's hope you don't "dive in" though as you wrote. I've done that and ended up with a broken ankle. Perhaps you should just "saddle up" or cinch the saddle." Hey - just foolin' with you - I look forward to your daily offerings. Giddyup girl!

Kristin said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us all. I hope as you learn about this exciting world of blogging that you will share your new and expanding knowledge with your inept non-techno familial beginnings. We are excited for you and look forward to your gleanings of life and living, reading and sharing. Tell Linda "Thank you - again!"

Matthew said...

Well, I never thought I would see interpersonal communication of the family through a blog but I stand corrected. hahaha,
See ya monday mom,