Thursday, September 6, 2007

A canning we will go!

I've been told by a reliable source (our ward food storage chairman) that of the 1,500 or so canneries in the U.S. ours is the only one that allows us to can outside items we've brought in. However, that comes to a screeching halt the end of September. Good thing our big Walton Feed order came in this week! I had to drive to St. Cloud, about an hour away to pick it up, so hopefully next time we can have a big enough order that they'll drive to Titusville to make the drop.

The girls and I will be going to the storehouse Friday after school to can Morning Moo Milk, 7-grain mix, pancake mix, and whatever else I ordered from Walton. Plus, hopefully there will be some dehydrated refried beans on the shelf we can buy, as they will no longer be carrying them. This will be the girls first experience at the cannery, so hopefully they'll have fun doing it!

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Tam said...

It warms my soul to see you with some food "insurance." I'm glad you have a facility to can it in, it only through September. Good job, Sis.