Sunday, September 30, 2007

Forest Gump thinks the world is like a box of chocolates. I say it's like a circle, or at least it's a much "kinder, gentler" place as a circle.

I've discovered I not only get nauseous when I ride in planes and back seats in cars, I also get queasy when I listen to books on tape with earphones! Darn, it was really hoping to listen to some books while I'm out walking (which I actually haven't done in a long, long while, but am trying to start to do again.) Anyway, I did manage to listen to the beginning of "The 7 Habits" book before I felt like puking. I managed to get through the part about "interdependence."

I've thought a lot about that word and what it means. Hopefully we grow through dependence to independence to interdependence. I don't know if this is exactly what Stephen Covey had in mind, but saw a little of it in action today.

Tierra and a friend of hers from church decided they want to play a violin duet at the Primary Talent Show in December. They need help. One of the Primary teachers plays violin, and when she saw both of the little girls at the church during choir practice, and realized they were working on a song, she offered to go help them for a few minutes. She also offered to help them as much as is needed until the performance. Her talent and help is freely given.

Tierra may or may not do something specifically to help or serve this lady, but she does help play with other ladies children during choir, thus rendering service to someone.

I don't believe our service needs to only be directed back at the person who first rendered it to us in order for the circle to be completed. Simply "passing it forward" in whatever form, and to whomever requires the service is all that is needed. In fact, sometimes performing an act of service anonymously brings greater personal satisfaction. I believe that the more we serve the more we become more connected through service, and we have more of a stake in reaching out because in doing so hands will be reached out to us.

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Kristin said...

One of the TV stations in Denver sponsored a "pay it forward" kind of activity and it was interesting what different people and groups came up with to pay it forward. I think the radio station gave them a s\et $$ amount - maybe $100 - and wow! what they accomplished as they found ways to really serve with that money - and multiply it so the service really paid forward! Yes, I think Tierra is doing a necessary service, and is paying it forward. No telling where her service will take her and the lives of people she will touch through her actions.