Friday, January 21, 2011

Debi's Daily Dollar Idea: Bread Machines

Today's money-saving idea is actually easier than you think (for those non-bread-machine-owners).  For a fraction of the cost of store bought bread, you could be enjoying homemade bread that is nutritious and easy to make.  What I love is that I simply dump in the ingredients push a couple buttons and the machine does the rest - from mixing to kneading to baking.  I can even time the machine to have the bread ready to come out of the oven when I get up in the morning.  Nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread!
I currently own four bread machines, none of which cost me more than $5 each because I bought them at yard sales or thrift stores.  The one on my kitchen counter is the same brand as the one shown in this picture - a Zojirushi (a high quality brand).  It looked like it had never even been used, and had a users guide video inside.  I looked online and had I purchased online or in a store this brand could have cost more than $200!  So no need to buy new, unless you're looking to empty your wallet.  Your challenge this week is to stop by several thrift stores and see if they have any bread machines.  Don't fret if you've never used one before - nothing could be easier.  If the one you buy doesn't have a recipe book/users guide inside, just look online for directions.

I also have a wheat grinder and some wheat, so I like to make either whole wheat bread, or half whole wheat flour and half white flour bread.  I also make cinnamon rolls - just set the machine to the dough setting.  Once the dough has risen I take it out of the pan, roll it out on my counter, add melted butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, slice and put on a cookie sheet.  Let rise again and cook about 12 minutes on 350 degrees.  Yummy!

Discover the wonderful world of bread machines, there are so many other things you can do besides just making a regular loaf of bread.

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