Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fresh from Heaven

I'm a grandma! Juliette Lauren Paull made her debut into our family, and our hearts at 1:29 a.m. August 13. We raced over to Winnie Palmer Hospital (next to Arnold Palmer hospital) a little before midnight and were treated to a three-minute view of her after sitting in the waiting room for an hour. Matt brought her out for us to see and snap a couple of photos.

She weighed in at 5 lbx. 15 oz., was 18" long, and has a lot of black hair. In fact, she's pretty hairy all over!

After seeing her for a couple minutes we came home and got some sleep and then headed back over. We are all smitten by the cutest little baby we've ever seen, and grateful everything went well with the delivery (c-section). Juliette even managed to work her way into Jason's heart! He wasn't too enthused to begin with, especially when I "made" him hold her. But by the time we left he was telling Matt that he couldn't believe how attached he was to the little thing!

I've been told being a grandmother is even better than being a mom, so I'm looking forward to finding that out firsthand!

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Kristin said...

Congratulations, Grannie! Welcome to the world of "grandparenthood" --because it is wonderful. I maintain being blessed to be a grandparent is a special gift from God for having survived parenthood! Don't know if that is true but I feel so blessed to be a grandparent - and now a great-grandparent - and initially being a parent. And our little Juliette is much loved by us already - for we did know and love her before! Love you lots, Debra. Enjoy that beautiful baby! -- MOM