Friday, June 27, 2008

Four sons

We were thrilled to have newlyweds Jaret (my nephew) and Hillary spend a couple days with us before and after their honeymoon cruise from Port Canaveral. Just so happened Ryan was here also, as he was released from his mission to take care of some medical things going on with his knee and ankles. What great looking young men they are! Jaret and Hillary spent Sat. night with us, and spent Sunday morning playing "nerts" and after Sacrament meeting I took them out to the ship. Ryan came home Tuesday afternoon, and Jaret and Hillary came back Thursday morning. We are so impressed with both Jaret and Hillary. We don't often get to see family out this way so we were loving having them here. From left are Ryan, Jason, Matt (soon to be a daddy in August!) and Jaret.

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Kristin said...

What good looking grandsons Clarence and Kristin Thomson have! So great to see them together in one place! We hope this is only the beginning of many reunions for out grandsons and their families in the years ahead!