Friday, October 8, 2010

Debi's Daily Dollar Idea: Thrift Stores

Today's Daily Dollar Idea may not be a new one to many, but it's one that has saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars through the years.  No matter where you live your town is sure to have one, if not a dozen thrift stores.  Before getting in your car to drive to Wally World, Macy's or Target, consider if you could purchase what you need at a Thrift Store.  Simple idea, but I for one sometimes "forget" to consider finding what I need at a thrift store, thereby paying a fraction of what I would if I purchased an item new.

Most thrift stores have clothing, dishes, appliances, furniture, books, shoes, toys, music and much more.  I love going in the store with a $5 bill in my purse, and then leaving the store with a bag of items and $1 still in my purse!   I couldn't begin to count the items of clothing thrift stores have provided for my children and myself, several pieces still with the original price tag on them (which means they've never been worn!)  One of my favorite finds was a round, glass turntable plate that goes inside a microwave oven.  I accidentally broke mine, so finding it was the highlight of my day!  Paid a buck for it, and it was the perfect size.  I've also purchased 3 different bread machines at various times, each for $5, and each in perfect working condition. 

I've also purchased canning jars, drinking glasses, dishes, bread pans, and a host of other kitchen dishes.  I bought dirt cheap winter coats for my daughters on a trip to Utah.  Why pay $50 for a coat they only need for 3 days?  At $3 each, the coats I bought in a thrift store were like brand-new, and you couldn't tell they'd been previously owned.

So consider shopping at a thrift store next time you head out to buy something you just gotta have.  Then see how little green you have to use to get what you need.

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Kristin'sReflections said...

Right on. I just wore the white pants and the white Easy Spirit leather shoes I bought recently at Goodwill. Paid a whole $4.00. And of course, the two leather jackets I have purchased recently have not by any means broken the bank. -- And I love a good deal -- even if it is at a thrift store! Thanks for the tips.