Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Say "Cheese!"

Today's money-saving idea comes from my favorite sister-in-law Debra:

Here are a couple of ideas that might be new to someone out there:

Did you know you can freeze milk?  The lower fat milks freeze best for longer times.  Whole milk ought to be used within 2 weeks.  To use frozen milk, just let it thaw (on the counter is how we do it), shake it well, and drink or use as desired.  We like it best when it still has ice slushies in it - YUM.  Anyway, freezing milk helps me limit my trips to the grocery store and thus save money.  I also get to take advantage of sales on milk this way.  Try it!

You can also freeze cheese.  Shredded cheese or stick cheese are naturals for freezing!  Just plonk them in and use them within a year or so.  I do like to buy my shredded cheese in bulk and divide it into quart or sandwich bags before I freeze it.  That way, I just get out what I will use right away and the rest stays fresh frozen. 

Block cheese freezes beautifully and can keep for about a year in the freezer.  When you freeze block cheese, there is a trick to getting it to not crumble when thawed.  Make sure you thaw it in the fridge instead of on the counter.  That is the big secret.    Now you can take advantage when cheese goes on sale and stock up for later!  BTW, I have frozen all kinds of cheese successfully from cream cheese (thaw completely, then stir it well to restore creaminess - or use without stirring for cooking) to Monterrey jack, cheddar, parmesan, Mexican cheese blends, etc.  I have NOT tried American cheese.  We don't like it, so I've just not tried freezing it.  Has anyone else?

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Linda said...

Thanks for these great ideas. And ALDI still has milk for #1.99 a gallon. Haven't seen that price challenged anywhere!