Friday, March 27, 2009

My baby girl

Alisha went to her friends Quinsenara tonight, kind of like a "coming of age" party. We don't often see Alisha all dressed up, and we never see her with her hair curled, so it was quite a sight. All dolled up for looks older than the barely 14 she is. Does this mean my baby girl I waited so long for is growing up?! We bought Alisha a nice dress, but she decided to wear one of Raquel's instead. The color looks so good on her!

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Kristin said...

What beautiful granddaughters we have. Alisha, you look so pretty - and remember, this is your grandmother talking so -- it is OK TO LOOK PRETTY! All too soon you will be all grown up and have 6 little kids and you simply won't have time to curl your hair and of course there will not be any money for pretty dresses -- so enjoy this wonderful life of curled hair and pretty dresses while you have the chance. Seriously,you are a beautiful young woman and these grandparents love you a lot!