Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mission - Possible!

After 20 years of fretting, scolding, hoping, praying, worrying, more praying, more worrying, Ryan received his mission call! I was hoping the call would come on his 20th birthday, Friday, Oct. 5, and thought what a great birthday present for him. Even greater would be the fact that we threw him a surprise birthday party at Matt's, and I thought it would be super great for him to be able to open it when everyone was together.

It came! I wrapped it up in a big box, and put it with the other presents he'd open that night. He was very surprised when he opened the box and saw it. He was a little scared to open it, and we were all sitting on pins and needles as he read it and finally got to the word "Brazil." He enters the MTC in Sao Paulo Jan 23. I'm disappointed I won't get to see him off at the MTC in Provo, but thrilled that he made the decision to serve a mission. He was hoping to go to South America, and he is very excited.

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Kristin said...

Great job, Debra! Three down and one to go!And happy birthday, Ryan! And Congratulations!